Time for Action

At times every one of us feels bound by circumstance – the day-to-day limitations that prevent moving forward. One of these is the sense of feeling hopeless, not having the means to move forward and develop a better life.

If a person is encumbered by a criminal conviction that prevents gaining employment or promotion, pursuing adoption, applying for a loan, renting a residence, or other such goals, that sense of hopelessness will prove to be a seemingly inescapable burden. 

What to do? Five steps to help make the situation better make a great deal of sense:

Talk – find some company either to talk about your worries, fears, thoughts, doubts, or simply to just talk about anything else to take your mind off what’s bothering you.

Move – walk, jog, cycle, dance, play with your children or your pets. Movement can relax, inspire, allow a different perspective.

Move forward – start something, either a project on hold or something new. Accomplishing something improves self-esteem and helps to take you forward.

Help someone else – reach out to family, friends, even strangers. Altruism is its own reward. Something even so insignificant as a smile or a helping hand will work.

Stir your senses – experience music, books, food, places with sights, sounds, aromas.

Perhaps one project that has been on hold is seeking a pardon for the criminal record that has been holding you back. If this is the case, you are well advised to contact a Client Specialist at Pardon Services Canada to guide you through the process.

Pardon Services Canada’s role and familiarity with the process will ensure that all documents required are obtained in a timely manner and that your case is processed expeditiously. That peace of mind you seek is within reach.

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