"Money trials are not the hardest..."

... money trials are not the hardest, and somehow or other, they are always overcome. [Amelia E. Barr]
That “tangled web we weave…” out of despair, grief, frustration, or desperation – not seeing things so clearly when we are faced with trials and tribulations that sometimes lead us astray. This fellow surely has overcome that time of his life and moved on in the right direction.

His fraud convictions occurred at a time when he was both unemployed and grieving over the recent death of his father. His first conviction resulted from his having his income taxes prepared inappropriately. He pleaded guilty and was given a conditional discharge. He also purchased an automobile with a cheque for which he had insufficient funds and then sold the vehicle. He feels that both of these instances were completely out of character, resulting from his having gone through a frustrating and anxious stage. He had never been in trouble prior to these convictions and has not been since.

He is now married and has pursued several academic upgrades that have allowed him to obtain a senior position with a well-respected company. He is responsible for operations in three provinces with a focus on operations, safety, regulatory compliance, and training. The maturity and skills he has gained have made him a productive member of society.

His pardon will better equip him to provide for his family and will enable him to continue to advance his career. In his current place of employment, he has had to turn down numerous opportunities for transfer to Europe and the USA because of his past convictions. He can now apply for positions for which he is well qualified without the fear of his criminal record being revealed.

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