Scared Straight

As he was leaving the RCMP station after being released, he saw his wife and baby daughter waiting for him. That was the moment he broke down, feeling incredibly remorseful and embarrassed for what he had done. They were everything to him and he was so scared of losing them.

He had used cocaine occasionally, not considering the full consequences of this type of life style. At the time of his arrest, he had gone to the airport to pick up his friend who was arriving for a short visit. On the drive home, they were pulled over by the RCMP who conducted a search. Finding him with a small amount of cocaine, the RCMP arrested them. He was charged with possession; his friend was not. After retaining a lawyer, he was later released. Realizing the court process was likely to be a long, drawn out process, he wisely decided to plead guilty and was fined $500 – he wanted to settle matters and get on with his life.

When a door closes, a window opens – this terrible experience has truly changed him for the better. He now lives a clean life and has built up a good business and partnership with his wife and family.

His waiver will now allow him and his family to visit the United States without worry. If you are in need of a waiver, Pardon Services Canada's role and familiarity with the process will ensure that all documents required are obtained in a timely manner and that your case is processed expeditiously. Contact a Client Specialist at Pardon Services Canada now to guide you through the process.

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