Helping People by Helping Our Planet

Pardon Services Canada is proud to have been presented with Urban Planet’s 2010 Certificate of Diversion, outlining how much waste our organization has diverted this past year from the landfill. Changing the way we deal with waste is a necessity – every tonne of paper diverted from landfills through recycling and shredding reduces our carbon tax footprint by approximately 3 tonnes.

This Certificate of Diversion provides documented proof of the efforts of Pardon Services Canada to reduce our environmental impact and improve our community, showing a true commitment to environmental conservation and global responsibility.

Our client confidentiality is assured in part due to these ongoing efforts. All documents prepared in the process of securing pardons and waivers for our clients are kept totally confidential. Once we finish processing each case, we destroy all the information we have.

Call us with your questions today, toll free: 1-8-NOW-PARDON. Our commitment to service ensures that a knowledgable Client Specialist is available to assist you.

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