Freedoms and Liberties of Citizens Vital to Progress of Society

Furthering the freedoms and liberties of citizens should be a principal goal of government. However, the Tories are instead straying farther away from supporting the individual freedoms that are vital to the progress of society by inducing government control and restriction of human behaviour. Proposed legislation for a criminal pardon in Canada threatens to curtail such freedoms and liberties.

Bear in mind the fact that, in many instances, tough-on-crime approaches do work. However, as a whole, we need a system that is smart on crime – one that seeks to address the root causes of criminal behaviour and that deals with these problems through prevention and treatment – rather than through the internment and repression of those who have made mistakes.

A section of the Conservative government’s Bill C-10 that bears particular mention is the amendment to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. This amendment aims to vigorously attack the criminals who control the drug trade by imposing longer sentences on traffickers and consumers, and imprisoning those who are convicted of benign drug offences. Our new legislation on pardons in Canada will result in considerably greater numbers of individuals being inordinately burdened.

Millions of individuals are compelled to act and be treated as criminals simply because they enjoy the effects of certain substances as a result of drug prohibition by overbearing governments. Drug prohibition has also been distinguished by violence, corruption, and poverty. Through a system of indirect state sponsorship, profits associated with this trade have also surged as prohibition has entrenched the criminals involved in trafficking by allowing them to be the sole financial beneficiaries.

Certainly, the prospect of drug legalization is extremely complex. But most developed nations have been moving toward more liberal drug policies. For example, Portugal has decriminalized all drug possession, and the experience has, by almost all indications, been notably successful. Drug consumption, crime rates, and violence have all dropped significantly since people have been free to consume drugs without the fear of jail casting a shadow. Regrettably, new laws about pardons in Canada are nearly diametrically stanced.

Governments must cautiously calculate their actions and enact sensible policies that bridge the gap between what the government believes it was elected to achieve and what is best for the country.

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