Straightend Out, Moving On

The benefits of counseling, along with the support of family, cannot be fully realized and appreciated until a person needs to seek help.

Larry currently lives in Red Deer, Alberta, with his wife and teenage son. He strives each day to be a strong, positive influence in his son’s life. He owns his own home and has had steady employment for over 20 years. Now, with the prospect of retiring soon, his pardon has allowed him to gain peace of mind, closing once and for all that chapter of his life. He looks forward to traveling more comfortably, perhaps volunteering as well. He truly has moved on.

When he recalls the time when he had succumbed to the pressures the being involved with the wrong crowd, he is numbed. All the negative influences that controlled him were overpowering. He regularly used narcotics, and he became aggressive and antisocial. He eventually was charged and convicted for possession of narcotics, and then for the purpose of trafficking. The last blow came when he was charged and convicted for assault with a weapon.

His decision to undergo two years of counseling to straighten himself out was one of the best moves he’s ever made. His parents’ influence, in particular his father’s, helped him to reassess what is important in life. During this stage, his parents helped him to become a mature, respectable, productive member of society. Now, several years later, he realizes that family ties and good health are the two most important factors any person can have.

Pardon Services Canada assists people who want to obtain a pardon in order to do just that, put the past behind and move on. A Client Specialist ensures that all the required forms are created and compiled to support the application. Pardon Services Canada’s pro-active approach ensures that each case is processed expeditiously and applicants are kept informed at each stage of the process.

Speak to a Client Specialist – toll free at 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1.866.972.7366) – at Pardon Services Canada to guide you through the process.

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