Encumbered by Debt, Saw No Way Out

Debt is like any other trap, easy enough to get into, but hard enough to get out of [Henry Wheeler Shaw] – With significant debt and credit obligations, “John” became burdened with an enormous debt load as he was inexperienced with managing his financial commitments. Having multiple creditors and feeling powerless and fearful, he made the fateful decision to bilk his employer to try to make the long-overdue payments.

Since that time, he has attended a debt counseling workshop and has completely restored his excellent credit rating. With a supportive family, he has completed an apprenticeship at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and now holds a journeyman machinist certification. His path has not been easy, but he feels it has been rewarding, having learned many valuable lessons about himself and his role as husband, father, and member of the community.

His pardon has improved his ability to travel for work as well as allowed him to work in roles for which security clearance is required. He believes it has also helped to lessen the shame and embarrassment he feels due to the mistakes he has made. He looks forward to being able to help with his children’s sports teams and clubs by coaching or volunteering.

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