Temptation Obscures the Obvious

Better shun the bait than struggle in the snare [John Dryden] – Here is the story about how one young man has overcome a most unfortunate introduction to life in Canada.

As a recent immigrant to Canada in the mid-eighties, having settled in Lethbridge, Alberta, he got his first job as a delivery driver for a local pizza parlor. He found a credit card in the parking lot of a nearby convenience store and put it in his pocket. In his home country at that time, there were no such things as credit cards. Later on, he told a coworker about what he had found. This person said that they could use the card to get free gas at a local gas station. Being young and naïve, he didn’t fully realize just what was he was about to do. He did sense this wasn’t right, but feeling the peer pressure, being gullible, he agreed to let his coworker use the card at a gas station for himself and his friends. After the card had been used this way a few times, the police eventually came to his home to arrest him. His coworker had been questioned by the police and then implicated him while denying any participation.

Now a husband and parent, he looks back on what happened with great embarrassment, wishing he had followed his instincts and not taken part in such fraudulent activities. Following this most unfortunate stage of his new life in Canada, he has not been involved in any other criminal activity. He has a son for whom he feels he is a role model, having a positive attitude and demonstrating a law-abiding life style. He spends a great deal of time helping his son in his sports endeavors as well as assisting his church and the local community kitchen. He has embraced his religion, attending church regularly, seeing this as a positive influence in his life.

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