Taking Control, Moving Forward

A worthwhile person seeks not the easy life, for the easy life does not make a worthwhile person [Chinese proverb]. Here is the story about how one young man has “changed his ways” and found a better way to live life.

When he began his involvement in the drug trade, he was too na├»ve to question how it might impact his future. He was young and impressionable and fell in with the wrong crowd because he was materialistic, wanting all the finer stuff that comes with the so-called “good life,” without having the skills to acquire them legitimately. He felt that he was navigating through life with tunnel vision, looking only for the quick fix to satisfy his needs, wanting the easy path to financial security.

He was convicted twice as a teen for break and enter and theft, once to steal food because he was homeless and hungry, then for being an accomplice with the wrong crowd that committed another similar offence. He also has had several drug-related convictions, dating back to the late 1980s.

His several bouts of incarceration convinced him that the most important asset we have in life is time, and the most rewarding part of this gift is the freedom to choose how to spend it. In the time that has passed, he has adapted to a new mindset, acknowledging that the only way to find satisfaction is to earn an honest living, which ultimately leads to fulfillment.

He sees that although his pardon can’t erase the stigma of his crimes, it can empower him to seek better employment opportunities, being bonded if need be, travel to broaden his scope of opportunities. He realizes that he didn’t choose to go to jail; instead he ended up in that situation by the choices he made. He understandably regrets these choices, and his deepest regret is not having learned from their impact sooner. Although he has missed out on many opportunities as a result of his criminal past, he now sees he has an opportunity to move forward and become a productive member of society. He feels he now has the confidence to achieve success and support himself through hard work and diligence.

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