We Do Have the Power to Right Our Wrongs

“Addiction”: being enslaved to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming – such a state is extremely difficult to overcome, but it can and does happen! Here is one young man’s description of how his life has improved.

In his late teens, he was constantly attempting to escape his problems through drugs and alcohol, leaving home to either rent accommodation or live on the streets. He attended school only sporadically, and fell in with the “wrong crowd,” stealing to get drug money and causing property damage in the process. He now firmly believes that there are no excuses for his behavior and no amount of apology or regret can undo the damage and hurt he caused.

He felt that he had paid heavily for his actions, and having finished all his punishment had given him the chance to create a positive future and to work towards a better life. However, he felt that he was still being held back by his criminal record.

Now ten years later, his pardon has removed his record will allow him to further develop his carpentry business and to establish contacts in his trade outside the country. He feels that he is continuing on the right path as a responsible, law-abiding citizen. Perhaps the most significant way he has improved is through his new attitude and outlook on life. He feels that he has been successfully rehabilitated and no longer has drug and alcohol addictions.

If you are in similar circumstances yourself, Contact Pardon Services Canada for help. You too can gain the peace of mind that he most certainly has.

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