Weeding Out the Criminal Record with a Pardon

“Maturity,” “sophistication,” “wisdom”: The adage youth is wasted on the young comes to mind when one realizes that maturity makes a person less innocent, after sophistication results from education, when wisdom yields good judgment and insight.

Here is the story of one Canadian having realized more fully the effect of using marijuana and the benefits of discontinuing the habit.

He was charged with his offence when he was just 19 years of age, in his first year of university. He was apprehended coming off the train with an amount of marijuana and some cookies. At the time, he used marijuana as a stress reducer but has since stopped.

Since his conviction, he has gone on to get his degree in computer science. After graduation, he started working as a technical support representative for a consulting company and was promoted to a technical lead position after just one year. About two years later, he moved to the Maritimes where he currently works as a software support representative.

pardon has helped him to be able to apply to a broader scope of employment opportunities that previously were out of reach due to his criminal record. The background checks that potential employers might perform will now provide a clean slate with which he can move forward. His U.S. entry waiver will also allow him to travel freely to the U.S., which is required on occasion at his current job.

If you are in similar circumstances yourself, Contact Pardon Services Canada for help. You too can gain the wisdom that he most certainly has.

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