The Pardon Services Canada Guide To Choosing Your Record Suspension Specialist.

If you have a criminal record, you already know that it can prohibit you from doing certain things. Areas that are typically affected include work, travel, volunteering, education and even adoption! That is, until enough time passes so that you qualify to apply for a record suspension.

The Canadian record suspension procedure also known as a pardon in Canada can be a very intimidating and a confusing experience for the average person. Questions like; ‘Where do I find information on the record suspension process?’, ‘Do I qualify for a record suspension?’, and ‘How does it take to get a record suspension?’ all come to mind.

Unless you are a lawyer, most likely you will need some type of help preparing your application for the Parole Board of Canada in Ottawa. If you choose to take this on yourself – good luck! But please remember a few things.

•  Different people require different record suspension documents.
•  Fingerprints are basic a requirement for every application – but there are two kinds!
•  You need to complete the right document package – different record suspension documents need to be provided in full, and can vary from person to person.
•  Every record suspension application is different. What is good for one record suspension application may not be enough for another.
•  A record suspension application needs to be properly prepared and fully completed.

You can try to do it all yourself, but why would you chance having your record suspension application returned because you forgot complete one very small but critical detail? Success or failure depends solely on how well your record suspension application is prepared. If your application is returned, you must wait one full year to apply again.

While the prospect of asking for help does not appeal to everyone, there comes a time when you need to stack the deck in your own favor. It’s better to team up with a record suspension specialist and give yourself the inside advantage.

So if you agree that you may need the help of a specialist, make sure that you team up with someone who has a successful track record, someone who can really guarantee that they can help you.

Ask these questions:

• How many years have you been obtaining record suspensions for your clients?
• What is you success rate?
• Will I be able to track the progress of my record suspension application? Where and how?
• Do you have customer service agents available to answer my questions over the phone?
• Where is your office located?
• Do you have client testimonials or references?
• Will you keep me up-to-date on my record suspension application as it progresses?
• How is my personal and private information handled?
• How can you guarantee my privacy?
• Why should I go with your company?

When it comes to clearing criminal records, Pardon Services Canada has been helping Canadians with confidential, fast and affordable service for over 20 years.

You can find out more information regarding your rights, and learn about easy steps to total freedom by visiting Stay in the loop with the latest record suspension news in Canada.

Pardon Services Canada can help you clear your good name.

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