Spun Out of Control. . . Man Regains Life After Record Suspension.

“Regret,” “remorse,” “anguish,” “self-reproach” – all these feelings hang heavy when one truly realizes the consequences of wrong doing.

No matter how minor or serious the circumstance may be that a troubled person is contending with, to feel a measure of relief when having overcome the consequences is uplifting.
Here is the story of one person having become successful in his personal life putting his past behind him.
In 1987, he was found guilty of having a blood alcohol level exceeding .08 while driving. His vehicle hit some gravel, spun out of control, and rolled over. He is so very thankful that there were no other vehicles or individuals involved. He deeply regrets this incident and has made many positive changes in his life as a result. He has not, since the date of his conviction, driven under the influence of alcohol. This event has been something he has had to live with for over twenty years.
He has two teenage children currently learning to drive and looking forward to attending university. He often reminds them of his circumstances and strongly encourages them to learn from his mistakes.
He currently teaches in workshops for corporate clients. He greatly enjoys educating adults and seeing how their careers benefit. Increasingly, organizations are asking for criminal background checks in order to do work through a vendor. This record suspension has allowed him to continue to educate and not limit his ability to earn a living.
If you are in similar circumstances yourself, Contact Pardon Services Canada for help. You too can gain the peace of mind that he most certainly has.

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