A Straight Life Is The Best Life - Leading By Example

“Success”: favorable termination of attempts; attainment; triumph; fruition – the concept, regardless of how it is defined, always produces a positive, anticipating, elating feeling.

No matter how minor or serious the circumstance might be that a troubled person is contending with, to feel a measure of success when having overcome the consequences is uplifting to say the least.

Here is a brief story of a woman who, after overcoming a controlling drug addiction, has become successful and content and has gained a renewed sense of well being after receiving her Canadian pardon.

As a young woman she was introduced to drugs, which led to a life of destruction, as is so obvious. She worked hard to totally dissociate herself from all involvement with crime or past associates. She is very remorseful when looking back and realizing all those wasted years. She has not indulged in drugs or alcohol for nearly twenty years. Her goals now are to continue teach her family by example - that a straight life is the best life. And to continue to grow - by helping her community thus achieving self-fulfillment.

She has done a complete turnaround with the love and support of her family who have helped her overcome her past. She has lived a quiet life, caring for her grandson while her daughter worked and her elderly mother. She also taught illiterate adults to read and write, a most valuable experience as she was helping not only herself, but others as well.

A pardon from Pardon Services Canada has given her the freedom to travel with her family to the U.S. on holidays. She no longer lives with the fear of someone in the community finding out about her past, which she so regrets. She also has been given the opportunity to do volunteer work that her criminal record had previously prevented.

If you are in similar circumstances yourself, Contact Pardon Services Canada for help applying for and obtaining your Canadian criminal pardon. You too can gain the peace of mind and a second shot at living a life free of a criminal record.

Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t let your past limit your future.

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