I don't have a criminal record...or do I?

Many people in Canada are not even aware of their criminal record.

A common misconception is that a record will automatically disappear after a certain amount of time. This is not true. It is something that must be dealt with otherwise it could potentially hurt your chances of getting a job, a promotion, or may even lead to your future detainment or deportation from another country.

Some people may have been arrested once and released, and not charged, fined, or punished, and yet still may have a file in a database without their knowing. This can get them turned back at the border, or even arrested, or create problems later on.

Look into it. All you may need is a criminal record purge


  1. This is not necessarily true....Some convictions do disappear...depending on the type of discharge..

  2. We address this in our FAQ.

    For more information go to Remove Your Record FAQs.